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"It is amazing that
such sophisticated people, as we
judge ourselves
to be, do not even know who we are."
-- Brad Steiger,
October 1978































































Cocaine, Tobacco and the Pharaohs
There is much evidence of pre Columbian voyages to the Americas, all of it disputed by the mainstream. The reason being that it conflicts with the linear history that science and educational teaching presents, not forgetting the political implications. The idea imposed is that of a linear and steady rise in civilisation and knowledge with the more distant past being the more primitive. This in turn, by default, supports a pseudo evolutionary theory and the unspoken implication that mankind today has reached a higher standard of intellectual development than his or her historical predecessors; a continuing process that goes on without the need for proof or explanation and totally unsupported by historical fact.
A brief outline of finds that seem to support trans-oceanic contact can be found at the following link, but there is much, much more:


   Columbus' discovery of the Americas is ideal for academia because it is obviously better documented and researched than earlier discoveries. The discovery of cocaine and nicotine in the bodies of Egyptian mummies by Dr. Svetlana Balabanova et al constitutes a spanner in the works of the long accepted theories of academicians and is strongly rejected by them. The scientific community, who see themselves as an elite hierarchy of the collective consciousness, will conveniently forget it, or ridicule it, or claim that their fellow scientists in Germany are incompetent, anything but introduce something new into the cosseted cloisters of academia.
An outline of the discovery and an interview with those involved can be found at the following link:

A commonsensical method for dealing with non standard theories would be to collect them and place them on a back burner until they represent a body of evidence in their own right, or not. Science tends to hand wave them away, hoping they will be forgotten - many of them are.

"Schafer (1993) argues that, "the detection of pharmacologically active substances in mummified material never proves their use prior to death." He argues that such compounds could have been introduced as part of the mummification process.  The suggestion is that (especially) nicotine could have been introduced around the mummy (and subsequently absorbed into its tissue) as an insecticide (being used as a preservative) within relatively modern times.  A similar criticism was raised by Bjorn (1993) who wondered if nicotine might have been absorbed by the mummies from cigarette smoke in the museums where the mummies have been preserved.  According to Schafer, the only way to show that the compounds were taken into the bodies while they were alive would be to find different concentrations at different distances from the scalp - a procedure not undertaken by the authors..."
"Introduction", seen as part of the mummification process still points to the substances being present in Egypt at the time of the death of the mummy.
The links seem to indicate that the original analysts were aware of modern contamination. The criticisms seem to be part of an uninformed debunking process that hides under the guise of scientific rigour.

A further criticism is that there have been no South American artifacts found in Egypt and vice versa. The problem with this argument is that the Phoenicians are well documented in providing hard-to-get commodities for the Egyptians and the Phoenicians are known to have guarded there sources of supply with great care. Traders in high value cargos would have taken high value goods like drugs or murex to trade for cocaine and are not likely to have brought back pots and pans; the dangers and privations of the ocean crossing compensated for by the great value of the cargo.
All of the arguments that claim there was no contact with the Americas are defeated by the question, "Where did the cocaine come from?" The cocaine itself is a highly plausible proof in favour of contact.


In spite of constant denials to the contrary, a complex of caves has been located beneath the Giza complex.

Bradshaw rock paintings, or the Bradshaws, hundreds of thousands of examples of a distinctive style of rock art found in the Kimberley region of North Western Australia. Carbon dated at over 17,000 years old there is much debate as to wether these art forms are the work of a pre aboriginal race.
Among them is a carved side-face, in about 4cm in relief of a Caucasian, (European) face that must predate any know visits or colonisation from the west.




From Matriarchy to Patriarchy: Year 3000 BCE
The Greatest Divide in Human Genealogy and History.
"You hear a lot of talk about the Neolithic Revolution--the gradual adoption and spread of agriculture, animal husbandry and town life by our prehistoric European ancestors--but the most important epoch in the course of civilization goes largely unnoticed in the history books. That was the abrupt shift from matriarchy and worship of the Great Goddess to the warrior-based governments and language stocks of the steppe-dwelling Indo-Aryan barbarians who invaded Old Europe beginning in the late fourth millennium BCE." ...Read more at:


What the above seems to be saying, is that the people of these ancient times were not war-like and that they lived during a 'Golden Age' of peace, in just the way that the rejected myths and legends tell us. Looking around the world today, it's hard to imagine a reason to consider 
them primitive.


The Gympie Pyramid          

"a nice little mystery that Australian Academia likes to ignore
Probably one of the most interesting things about the Gympie Pyramid is that the entire Academic and Archaeological "Establishment" of Australia likes to pretend that it is not there and refuses to do any form of  serious investigation into it. More over they refuse to apply basic science to test the "myth". The quote above is an excellent example of this strange and unscientific attitude. A thorough, scientific survey and excavation of the site would solve the mystery one way or the other; but no, the old head in the sand technique is preferred.
The fact is that the Gympie Pyramid is a serious, famous and unexplained archaeological anomaly that causes hackles to rise on the necks of our most learned historians and archaeologists, they gnash their teeth and tug their hair like Spanish Inquisitors confronted by an unrepentant heretic but they still refuse to go there.
Why is that?"



Smithsonian Scientists Return from Strange Arctic Exploration.




Egypt's Oldest Known Art Identified, Is 15,000 Years Old
"In the meantime, the finding has raised a big question: How were people in Western Europe and southern Egypt producing almost identical artwork at the same time?."..
..."The art is so similar that it reflects a similar mentality, a similar stage of development,"




 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for the year 793 records:  "In this year terrible portents appeared over Northumbria and sadly affrightened the inhabitants: there were exceptional flashes of lightning, and firey dragons were seen flying in the air. A great famine followed soon upon these signs, and a little after that in the same year on the ides of June the harrying of the heathen miserably destroyed God's church in Lindisfarne by rapine and slaughter."

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Something is wrong with our recent history of Antarctica

Although we are told that Antarctica has been Ice bound for 15 million years there has been found recent looking combustible
and buoyant wood. Mr. Peter Web and co-workers have discovered that along 13000 KM of the Transantarctic Mountains there are shrubs and pollen and the remains of trees.
They guess that the wood is only 3 million years old and was found within 400 miles of the South Pole.

It has been argued that the mean temperatures at the time of growth were -12 degrees C and that earth temperatures
were higher. A flurry of theory patching has erupted and explanations like meteor impact washing the wood inland and wind-blown pollen abound. The mean temperature today is about -40C. A worldwide rise in today's temperature
sufficient to grow these plants/trees would mean a heat disaster in the tropics.

"Fossil wood is abundant in Cretaceous and early Tertiary sediments of the northern Antarctic Peninsula region. Temperatures 7 to 8C"
This link no longer works

"The rocks Ashworth brought back from the same site in 1995 contained beetles, insects, molluscs and a fly that had never been found in Antarctica before. "

The northern-most landmass, in Northern Greenland has a similar situation with the remains of forests, the stumps of trees still embedded and upright.


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