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The Pierce Arrow Electric Car

I've tried to find some contemporary newspaper accounts of Tesla's Pierce Arrow electric car, but I cant find a single one so far...
See Pierce-Arrow:
It seems that this is a myth, but unlike the sceptics, we will put it on a back-burner and see if any evidence transpires.

I did eventually find this:

An article appearing in the New York Daily News, April 2, 1934 titled "Tesla's Wireless Power Dream Nears Reality" mentions the planned "test run of a motor car [for a distance of 30 or 40 miles] over a stretch of [Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe] railway track [running from Boise City, Oklahoma] to Farley, N. M." using wireless transmission of electrical energy to power the vehicle.  The equipment was assembled by "two Californians" and is described as "including a high-powered radio transmitter with big coils and short antenna."

According to Arthur Mathews, Tesla himself demonstrated the wireless transmission of electrical energy just prior to this.  The transmitter, described as a recreation of the Colorado Springs transformer, was assembled at a large camp in the woods near Sanford, Quebec, Canada.  The power supply was a gasoline-motor driven 75 KW generator.  Wireless energy transmission was demonstrated between Sanford and Tadoussac, a distance of about 120 miles.  The distance between Buffalo, New York and the Sanford transmitter site is about 425 miles.

In 1922 Tesla spoke about the application of wireless transmission to transportation systems.

    Question : Will not wireless transmission of energy result in time in the moving of practically all means of transportation with electrical energy from central power stations?

    MR. TESLA : No, I do not expect that such will be the case, for the transportation systems now used present certain important practical advantages which cannot be disregarded.

    Question: Will not automobiles, for instance, be operated merely by the operative "cutting in" on electrical energy supplied by wireless from power stations?

    MR. TESLA : I fear we shall not live to see the wireless system in general use for this purpose.  It is difficult to propel an automobile by the new method for reasons with which experts are familiar. Success can be much more easily achieved in the case of airships.

    In time to come it is possible that some form of automobile may be perfected that will enable this propulsion of such vehicles to be effected by power drawn from the ambient medium. [Glass, J. P. , "Tremendous Possibilities of Radio, An Interview With Nikola Tesla," Radio News, November 1922.] [unquote]

See : Broadcast Power   on another page


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